RM ACBS Leadership Meeting 9/27/19

9/27 RM ACBS Leadership meeting

Video Conference

Attendees: Bonnie Brennan, Melody Didisse, Josh Hillis, Melissa Connally, Spencer Smith


Quick review of progress with Equine CE event: confirmed date

Presentation from Spencer Smith on current Praxis protocol for support with chapter events.

Preferred timeline is 18 mo

·         allows for better traction when you can advertise a year+ out

·         allows opportunity to space out national events (ex: bay area has spring 2020 event)

Info about ACT Boot Camp in fall 2020, may be ideal to have a chapter conference 3-6 months later

Operations Notes

·         No more than 2 invited keynote speakers

·         Need to get submission portal up ASAP, possibly specific timelines for each type of submission so that there is more structure and can start advertising topics/speakers

·         3-4 breakout rooms

·         2 days is ideal for a smaller chapter

·         If doing an off-site event (boards/ mixer) needs to be in walking distance

·         Use evening session of Boot Camp to do an ‘ignite presentation?’

Planning Committee and Chair need to be identified ASAP

Next 30 days is best à then circle back to Spencer