RM ACBS Leadership Meeting 7/16/19

7/16 RM ACBS Leadership meeting

In-person and Video Conference

Attendees: Bonnie Brennan, Melody Didisse, Jill Loving, Josh Hillis


·         Dublin Update

o   More interest in a 1-2 day conference but less interest in volunteering to help organize

o   Lets start with smaller events to help build interest and gather volunteers

o   Maybe work with Utah Members for a SLC conference?

·         Equine Therapy CEU training

o   $250/hr open to 1 or 2 hour event with up to 30 participants

§  Charging $25 for 1 hr or $50 for 2 hr would mean RMACBS is building funds after 10 participants

o   Will be on either self-as-context or defusion

§  Focus is teaching more about a hexaflex point w/ horses as a teaching tool, not edu on how to do equine therapy

o   Can do live stream on FB nd share abstract/learning objectives on website to promote

·         CEUs

o   ERC can sponsor CEUs for most licenses, will need to use national ACBS for psychologist CEUs

o   Any presenters will need to submit the following 8 weeks prior to event:

§  Name, credentials, bio, photo, 150 Word abstract (2-3 sentence version is good for marketing), CV, Outline of curriculum, 3 learning objectives, 3-7  test questions.

§  RM ACBS leadership would generate forms for participants

§  Melody to reach out to Brianna Hammerman to share these requirements

·         Treasurer report shared by Josh

o   PayPal à 1517

o   Currently 35 members automatically pay $1 annual dues, 7 members automatically pay $25 annual dues and 5 members automatically pay $50 annual dues

§  This means 12 people pay 95% of annual dues!

§  Josh to research donor relationship building

§  Need to build perceived value of membership dues

o   May be beneficial to have RMACBS ‘swag’ to hand out to members

§  Logo Contest?

·         Next newsletter

o   Each member of leadership to contribute

o   Members likely to be interested in research reviews