RM ACBS All Chapter Meeting 10/17/19

RM ACBS Chapter meeting

8190 Spruce St, Denver CO & Video Conference

Attendees: Melody Didisse, Josh Hillis, Jill Loving, Melissa Connally, Nancy Lee, Brooks Witter, Claudia Goswitz, Lacey Beckmann Taylor, Anabella Hagen



Confirmed upcoming events:

·         Book Club, Oct 26th at the Trident in Boulder (details on Facebook page)

·         ACT According to Horses, September 8th in Boulder CO


Chapter Conference initial planning

·         Discussed core goals for chapter conference: building community in order to have more robust peer consultation resources, connection with members in other states, learning from others through experiential exposure and refreshing the motivation for the work we do through value driven learning

·         Reviewed consultation with Praxis Representative: Spencer Smith

o   ACT Bootcamp coming to Denver in fall 2020, so ideal timing would be Spring 2021

o   How Praxis can help support the local chapter

·         Institutional Memory (sharing what our members have learned from previous chapter conferences, thank you Brooks)

o   Having a Committee Chair and identifying sub-committee leaders is key to good organization

o   Identified sub-committee and asked for volunteers to lead

Melissa Connelly: Chapter Conference Committee Chair

Claudia: Marketing and Sponsors

Jill: Presentation review and seeking out presenters

Melody: Logistics

Anabella: Utah outreach

   *This means that we need to identify individuals to help with outreach to New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Nevada!

Brooks: Consultation

·         Discussed Options for a theme that would set the Rocky Mountain Conference apart from the other chapter events

o   Diversity: equity in opportunity &, valued conversations, speaking to what to consider when providing services to people of color, lgbtquia, neruo-atypical and other under-represented populations

·         To consider

o   Outreach to potential sponsors- offer speaking time, a table etc.

o   Offering reviewers to disseminate and provide observation for presenters that are working towards becoming qualified as a peer reviewed trainer

o   Other chapter events to help build excitement for conference