RM ACBS All Chapter Meeting 10/17/19

RM ACBS Chapter meeting

8190 Spruce St, Denver CO & Video Conference

Attendees: Melody Didisse, Josh Hillis, Jill Loving, Melissa Connally, Nancy Lee, Brooks Witter, Claudia Goswitz, Lacey Beckmann Taylor, Anabella Hagen



Confirmed upcoming events:

·         Book Club, Oct 26th at the Trident in Boulder (details on Facebook page)

·         ACT According to Horses, September 8th in Boulder CO


Chapter Conference initial planning

·         Discussed core goals for chapter conference: building community in order to have more robust peer consultation resources, connection with members in other states, learning from others through experiential exposure and refreshing the motivation for the work we do through value driven learning

·         Reviewed consultation with Praxis Representative: Spencer Smith

o   ACT Bootcamp coming to Denver in fall 2020, so ideal timing would be Spring 2021

o   How Praxis can help support the local chapter

·         Institutional Memory (sharing what our members have learned from previous chapter conferences, thank you Brooks)

o   Having a Committee Chair and identifying sub-committee leaders is key to good organization

o   Identified sub-committee and asked for volunteers to lead

Melissa Connelly: Chapter Conference Committee Chair

Claudia: Marketing and Sponsors

Jill: Presentation review and seeking out presenters

Melody: Logistics

Anabella: Utah outreach

   *This means that we need to identify individuals to help with outreach to New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Nevada!

Brooks: Consultation

·         Discussed Options for a theme that would set the Rocky Mountain Conference apart from the other chapter events

o   Diversity: equity in opportunity &, valued conversations, speaking to what to consider when providing services to people of color, lgbtquia, neruo-atypical and other under-represented populations

·         To consider

o   Outreach to potential sponsors- offer speaking time, a table etc.

o   Offering reviewers to disseminate and provide observation for presenters that are working towards becoming qualified as a peer reviewed trainer

o   Other chapter events to help build excitement for conference


RM ACBS Leadership Meeting 9/27/19

9/27 RM ACBS Leadership meeting

Video Conference

Attendees: Bonnie Brennan, Melody Didisse, Josh Hillis, Melissa Connally, Spencer Smith


Quick review of progress with Equine CE event: confirmed date

Presentation from Spencer Smith on current Praxis protocol for support with chapter events.

Preferred timeline is 18 mo

·         allows for better traction when you can advertise a year+ out

·         allows opportunity to space out national events (ex: bay area has spring 2020 event)

Info about ACT Boot Camp in fall 2020, may be ideal to have a chapter conference 3-6 months later

Operations Notes

·         No more than 2 invited keynote speakers

·         Need to get submission portal up ASAP, possibly specific timelines for each type of submission so that there is more structure and can start advertising topics/speakers

·         3-4 breakout rooms

·         2 days is ideal for a smaller chapter

·         If doing an off-site event (boards/ mixer) needs to be in walking distance

·         Use evening session of Boot Camp to do an ‘ignite presentation?’

Planning Committee and Chair need to be identified ASAP

Next 30 days is best à then circle back to Spencer

RM ACBS Leadership Meeting 7/16/19

7/16 RM ACBS Leadership meeting

In-person and Video Conference

Attendees: Bonnie Brennan, Melody Didisse, Jill Loving, Josh Hillis


·         Dublin Update

o   More interest in a 1-2 day conference but less interest in volunteering to help organize

o   Lets start with smaller events to help build interest and gather volunteers

o   Maybe work with Utah Members for a SLC conference?

·         Equine Therapy CEU training

o   $250/hr open to 1 or 2 hour event with up to 30 participants

§  Charging $25 for 1 hr or $50 for 2 hr would mean RMACBS is building funds after 10 participants

o   Will be on either self-as-context or defusion

§  Focus is teaching more about a hexaflex point w/ horses as a teaching tool, not edu on how to do equine therapy

o   Can do live stream on FB nd share abstract/learning objectives on website to promote

·         CEUs

o   ERC can sponsor CEUs for most licenses, will need to use national ACBS for psychologist CEUs

o   Any presenters will need to submit the following 8 weeks prior to event:

§  Name, credentials, bio, photo, 150 Word abstract (2-3 sentence version is good for marketing), CV, Outline of curriculum, 3 learning objectives, 3-7  test questions.

§  RM ACBS leadership would generate forms for participants

§  Melody to reach out to Brianna Hammerman to share these requirements

·         Treasurer report shared by Josh

o   PayPal à 1517

o   Currently 35 members automatically pay $1 annual dues, 7 members automatically pay $25 annual dues and 5 members automatically pay $50 annual dues

§  This means 12 people pay 95% of annual dues!

§  Josh to research donor relationship building

§  Need to build perceived value of membership dues

o   May be beneficial to have RMACBS ‘swag’ to hand out to members

§  Logo Contest?

·         Next newsletter

o   Each member of leadership to contribute

o   Members likely to be interested in research reviews

RM ACBS All Chapter Meeting :6/18

6/18 RM ACBS Leadership meeting

In-person (Video Conference session started with no-one joining)

Attendees: Bonnie Brennan, Melody Didisse, Jill Loving, Josh Hillis


·         Treasurer report shared by Melody by proxy for Tia Henry

o   Chase à account has been closed?

o   PayPal à 1678.37

o   Melody paid for website hosting & domain renewal d/t Squarespace being unable to charge Chase credit card, will need reimbursement

·         Planning Events for this year

o   Goal is to promote the practice of our members, RMACBS would support with advertising and CEUs, Bonnie to research CEU criteria

o   Goal of 2 events in next year

o   Equine Assisted Therapy event with Brianna Hammerman, Melody to reach out

o   Will call out to members for ideas on second event this year

§  Possibly a ½ day event with 3-4 CEUs?

·         Social Media Presence (primary goal from previous meeting)

o   Need to link podcasts hosted by members to our FB page: Deb Sorensen & Kerry Makin-Byrd

o   Facebook engagement ideas

§  Leadership to continue to post passive content like articles

§  Engagement questions ex: photo scavenger hunt, what’s your favorite ACT book? Josh and Jill to post first questions

§  Create & Share ACT printables created by leadership or members

§  Live Stream of poster session at World Conference

RM ACBS All Chapter Meeting 3/1/19

RM ACBS All Chapter Meeting 3/1/19

Video Conference format

Attendees from: Colorado, Montana


World Conference, Online/digital presence, Announcement


  • Reading of mission statement

  • Reading of agenda

  • Announcement from Meg McKelvie and Debbie Sorensen: Created a collective of therapists dedicated to ACBS based therapeutic approaches, Impact Psychology Colorado

    • Also shared about Debbie’s Pod Cast: Psychologists off the Clock

  • Shared information about elected board leadership positions

    • Will be open for 30 days to share interest in elected and non-elected leadership roles

  • Review of 2018 World Conference

  • Identification of local chapter plans for 2019 World Conference

    • Patrick hoping to follow up with suicide awareness from last year’s conference

    • Submitting for chapter table

    • Bonnie and ERC are submitting for poster session, deadline is March 20th

  • Book club revisit

  • Meeting time preferences

    • Fridays and/or mid-day are more flexible

    • 2 or 3 times per week

    • Record chapter & book club meetings and post to website.

  • Consultation group options

    • Time specific with live feedback or forum based app that can be used anytime?

  • Review of open Board positions


Chapter Meeting 3/1/19

Chapter Meeting 3/1/19

Here is a link to the form to indicate your interest in a board position


Now Accepting Submissions for our October Conference

Are you ready? Now is the time to get your ACT on and signup for the conference. Interested in learning more about ACT, FAP, and other contextual behavioral sciences? Wanting to meet other people who share your passions and interest in helping alleviate human suffering through creative application of contextual behavioral science?

Look no further than your own backyard as the Rocky Mountain Chapter of ACBS is hosting its fourth biannual regional conference on October 20-21, 2017 at the Embassy Suites in the Denver Tech Center.

The overarching purpose of this regional conference is to build ACBS community in the Rocky Mountain region among clinicians, researchers, and students. Our theme this year will be Breaking Through the Stigma: Integrating, Optimizing and Riding the Third Wave. We are looking for presentation submissions that highlight ways to bring the contextual behavioral sciences to as many disciplines and populations as possible.

Hosted by Rocky Mountain ACBS

Register to be a presenter for this event at http://rmacbs.praxiscet.com/